Tips for sex and disability

    טיפים לסקס ונכות

    01 פבר 2020

    טיפים לסקס ונכות

    טיפים לסקס ונכות

    # 1:

    People with disabilities do not have sexual desire. While the media rarely present people with disabilities as sexual, in the real world everyone has the ability to feel passion. Do not be afraid to admit your own desires. If you need help, a suitable personal therapist can help you

    # 2:
    People with disabilities can not use sex toys. There are toys specially designed for people with most disabilities, including those with large buttons and comfortable to click, long handles and signs.

    # 3:
    Disabled people are not sexy. While judicial approaches may make it more difficult to find a partner, the Internet provides many opportunities for contact. If someone recoils from your disability, it means more to him than you - and clearly it's not someone worth going out with.

    # 4:
    Disability makes it difficult to orgasm. While some situations may limit the ability to reach ejaculation or orgasm, there is more than one type of orgasm. Tantric sex can be a great way to explore your potential for orgasm - and it can be equally intense, if not more, than traditional approaches. Powerful vibrators and electric stimulation devices (toys that use electric pulses to differentiate vibrations) can help if you are irritated.


    Sex can not be spontaneous if you are disabled. While there are disabilities that make it difficult for certain sexual acts, it is always possible to discuss what is possible and what is not, and openness in the field can only lead to a more satisfying sexual experience. In addition, foreplay is not just something physical: you can put dirty talk and share fantasies, and it's no less cool - and what's wonderful about dirty talk is that you can do it over the phone or on the Internet - and face to face.

    # 6:
    People with too many innocent disabilities for sex. Some people assume that sex with people with disabilities is a form of abuse. In the real world, if someone has the mental capacity of an adult, then he is completely capable of making mature decisions. As long as sex is safe, sane and consensual, there is no reason to worry - except, perhaps, the prejudices of society.

    Each disability is slightly different, but there are support frameworks that can help address the practical aspect of your disability when it comes to sex. Do not be afraid to ask for sex tips  if you need: Everyone has the opportunity to enjoy sexual pleasure. We at